Monday, April 16, 2012

Returning from Spring Vacation

Can you believe the heat today?! It was a great day to return to school! The kids were so excited to be back and when Kacey and I saw the class in the auditorium, there were lots of hugs! :) During our museum period, Ms. Ingleston escorted the class outside to the school garden where the class explored soil! In the school garden, each class has a grow box where students will plant anything they want! I can't wait for our class to begin planting! While exploring the soil, the students noticed that the soil was more dry on top and darker on the bottom. The kids also learned about weeds and how they're bad for other plants. We helped by removing weeds from the grow boxes!

During calendar today, I introduced the class to Earth day. We also listened to The Earth and I by Frank Asch and began our conversation about what keeps the Earth healthy and happy.
Our classroom has been quite warm (we had difficulty adjusting the thermostat) but we spoke to the custodian and it should be fixed by tomorrow! Make sure your child comes in layers so they can adjust to the temperature! We'll be taking our clipboards outdoors tomorrow to sketch things that come from nature (trees, plants, etc).

Also, I have good news! I received an email over spring vacation that I won a giveaway contest run by the blog, Chalk Talk! Our classroom will be receiving a Easi-Speak USB Recorder compliments of Learning Resources! We'll be using it to record reading done in our classroom and for our upcoming storytelling unit! :) Much thanks to Chalk Talk for running the giveaway! :)