Monday, April 23, 2012

Starting our talk about worms

We started our discussion this morning about April showers! Many of the kids talked about the rain and how gloomy it was so I told them about the saying, "April showers bring May flowers!" Even though we weren't able to go outside today, our class looked forward to the May flowers by learning about seeds with Ms. Ingleston during museum class.

For our morning activity, we worked on addition some more by throwing dice and adding up the dots. The class is becoming more familiar with the phrase "in all" and adding up totals!
A.R totals up the dots 
O.B adds up the dots
D.K placed the dice together to add up the dots
K.M adding!
We started our discussion about worms with listening to The Chicken and the Worm and talking about what already know about worms.

For writing today, the students had free choice writing time!
D.K wrote a story about his family going to an indoor water park. He drew his family on tubes going down a river!
G.A wrote about her family at the park
A.R wrote about being outside of her house with the flowers
J.A wrote about being outside with his mom
K.M wrote about riding her bicycle outside
O.B wrote about eating pizza and playing on his xbox
A.R wrote about being outside with her mom and sister
We celebrated D.K's birthday today! Thank you to his mom and sister for visiting and bringing in cupcakes! D.K turned 5 on Sunday! Happy birthday!!
The birthday boy
D.K's little sister A, who loves cupcakes!
D.K with his mom
We will begin prepping our compost bin tomorrow for our red wigglers by making newspaper strips for them to nest in.