Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What do you love?

More chick handling and petting this morning! it's become such a calming activity. The class has been super quiet to hear the music of the chicks' chirping.
T.D holding a chick
K.M and the chick look at each other
O.S petting the chick
T.S holds the chick
With the rest of the class in attendance today, we were able to complete our class height chart! We found out that K.W was the tallest in our class and G.P was the shortest. We put them back to back to see the difference in heights.
There are about 10 inches between their two heights
We also worked in our tables to measure different characters with rulers!
O.B measuring
T.S, A.K and T.D measuring the police man
A.R, O.S, A.R and J.C measuring the cowgirl
G.P, K.W and J.M measuring the nurse
The students are enjoying measuring! During lunch, O.B asked to measure his banana and T.S asked to measure his spoon!

For writing, we used our word of the week love to make a sentence! I loved reading everyone's stories about what they love! Many of the students talked to who they loved! I modeled writing about loving a type of animal (dogs) but when the students shared out about their ideas for their writing, they mentioned family members!
D.K's writing "I love Mom Dad" It's hard to see because of the coloring, but he also labeled everyone in his family!
K.M wrote "I love cat"
T.D wrote "I love dogs"
A.R wrote "I love Mom Dad" She also counted how many people there were in her picture-3-her mom, dad and herself!
T.S wrote "I love T.."
G.A wrote "I love mom"
J.M wrote "I love Mo (Mommy)" She added labels to her pictures!
G.P wrote "I love Mom"
A.R wrote "I love ienom (mommy)"
J.C wrote "I love DD (Daddy)"
K.W wrote "I love mom"
Tomorrow, we'll be using beautiful junk to create egg characters! We'll also be learning about how to use measuring tape!