Saturday, April 28, 2012

Worm Menu & Using our new recorder!

For our morning meeting, I introduced the Easi-speak recorder microphone that I won on a blog giveaway! Thank you Learning Resources for providing the recorder and to Chalk Talk for having the giveaway! The class absolutely loved the microphone! The recorder is clear and the sound quality is amazing! Everyone wanted to get a turn to talk into and hear themselves. I introduced the microphone's simple buttons and we passed it around for everyone to get a turn to talk into it and record their voices. We also used it to record our shares!
K.W shares with the microphone
G.A shares about what she did this morning to get ready
The sound recording from the microphone!
D.K talks into the microphone
The sound recording from the microphone
A.R talks into the microphone
The microphone also has a usb plug that allows me to transfer the voice recordings onto a computer. I can't wait to see this recorder for our storytelling unit. The kids love using it and at the science center, they passed it around to record their noticings of the compost bin and worms. (See below for the recordings).

I introduced a new activity for our writing center-creating worm menus! We passed around some menus to look at what goes on a menu. This gave the students a better understanding of the purpose of menus and what we can do to create one for the worms! We also got to look into our bucket of compostable materials to see what could go on the menu!
T.S looking over a menu
T.W looks at a menu
J.A looks over a sushi menu
While looking over the bucket for the food we compared a tomato that was in the compost bin with the worms and a tomato that is in a bucket with the worms.
The tomato from the compost bin
The two tomatoes side by side
Looking at what the red wigglers were doing to the tomato
T.W observes the tomato
At the writing center, a couple of students worked on creating the worm menu. J.A and K.W took turns taking photos of the various foods from the bucket so we can print them up and place them on a large menu for the worms. The following photos are all taken by J.A and K.W---
Coffee grinds
Carrot shred
Banana peel
Egg shell
A rotten clementine
I wish we had a class set of digital cameras, the students in our class love photography and many love taking the camera and snapping photos!
Here is a clip of K.W sharing his worm menu--
And J.A sharing his--

At the science center, the kids explored the compost bin freely.
T.D, D.K and T.S exploring the compost bin
Where are the worms?
The following are the recordings taken from the easi-speak recorder.  I started by asking the kids what they noticed in the bin and after that, they used it independently to record their thoughts about the bin. It looked like T.S was a reporter asking T.D about the worms. You may want to lower your volume to watch the following (the volume was loud for me!).

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend! Last night, CJ and I took Brian to the official grand opening of the indoor dog park in Ballston Spa. Brian had such a fun time!
Brian playing with some dogs
He was pooped out playing!
Next week, we'll be making worms! I ordered an insta-worm kit for the kids to create worms with! We will also be learning all about recycling, how recycling works and its importance for our environment! If you can, have your child bring in one recyclable item (that you no longer need)-we'll be sorting recyclable goods together! On Monday, Ms. Ingleston will be taking our class over to the State Museum to do a shape hunt for our museum class! (Reminder, all children already filled out a permission slip at the beginning of the year for the State museum since our school has a partnership with them). May is just around the corner! I have updated upcoming important dates for May and June.