Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Worm paintings

Our red wigglers arrived today! Unfortunately it was in the afternoon after dismissal, though some of the after school students got to see them! The class will get to see them tomorrow! SO EXCITED!
Our compost pin
A closer look in the compost bin
The red wigglers
We also had a special visitor today! A dental hygienist, Ms. Dabney, from a local dental clinic came in to talk to our class about the importance of brushing our teeth and eating healthy foods (with less sugar).
The class listened attentively about how important it is to brush our teeth day and night (and after lunch when we aren't in school)
She showed the students how to brush our teeth-making sure we get all the teeth in the back too and our gums and tongue
She showed us how to floss to get foods between our teeth out
She passed around some teeth models-so we could feel the bumps and see how yellow teeth can get if we don't take care of them
A.R looks at the teeth
We worked on our worm paintings today-the cooked spaghetti is very similar to the feel of the worms. Painting with the cooked pasta gave the students the opportunity to become more familiar with the texture. The paintings were all incredibly unique! Each student had their own technique of painting with the noodle.
G.A dips her "worm" into the paint
J.A's painting
T.S painting with the "worm"
G.P's painting
K.W dragged the "worm" across his paper
A.R swirled her "worm" around her paper
J.C placed his "worm" down on the paper
O.S pressed down on his "worm"
T.W uses her "worm" almost like a paint brush
T.D's worm painting
A.R splashes her "worm" against the paper
X.I drags his "worm" across the paper
The resulting paintings illustrate the motion and movement of worms! They will be on display in our art gallery!

We also sang a song to the tune of Old McDonald had a farm about our compost bin!

Everyone will be getting a closer look at the red wigglers tomorrow-touching them and examining them with magnifying glasses! We'll look at the compost bin to examine the different things the red wigglers need to create compost.

Also, make sure to check your child's folder. There is a notice about an upcoming field trip to the farm (YAY!) on Thursday, May 10th and a notice regarding the stepping up celebration/picnic.