Monday, May 21, 2012


We had a really exciting day observing changes in nature! Throughout the day, three of the four chrysalids became butterflies! The butterflies came out while we were at lunch and outside so we weren't able to see them emerge but the children made lots of observations of the butterflies! The children noticed that the butterflies weren't moving much and initially they don't because of the arduous process of emerging from the cocoon. I told the class it was like how the chicks rested when they first hatched! The class also noticed a red liquid coming out of the butterfly. Many said it was blood but we looked it up and the red liquid is actually meconium, which is made up of leftover coloring and tissues. The kids picked up this vocabulary word quickly and used it during their conversations about noticing the butterflies!
one of the butterflies
another one of the butterflies
We all took turns observing the butterflies! We also measured out sugar and water to provide food for the butterflies. G.A also donated some of her orange slices.
D.K and J.M view the butterflies
T.S and J.C view the butterflies
G.A and T.W look into the butterfly net
food for the butterflies-paper towels dipped in sugar water and orange slices
We also worked on our plant journals today! Over the weekend, everyone's plants grew! We worked on decorating the covers of the plant journals and drew how our plants looked/changed.
The cover of A.R's plant journal
The cover of G.P's plant journal
D.K works on drawing his plants
J.M works on drawing her plants
K.M sketches
It was great to see the students' sketches and their plants!
O.B's beets
O.B sketch of his plants
T.D's radish plants
T.D's sketches

A.K's beet plants
A.K's sketches-her coloring of the red stems on her beet plants is very spot on!
T.S's radish and corn plants
T.S' sketches-he also noticed the red/purple stems on the beet plants!
O.S' radish and beet plants-very bountiful!
O.S' sketch

D.K's corn and lavender plants-so far it seems only the corn has sprouted!
D.K's sketch-he drew both the longer corn sprout and the shorter one!
G.P's radish and corn plants
G.P's sketch-she told me "These plants have leaves, this one (she points to the third one) has no leaves"
We also observed our root viewer to find the roots! So far, we've only been able to see the radish roots. We also planted green onions and carrots!

The left tube holds the radish plants-if you look closely you can see the roots!
Finally, a look at everyone's plants!

The class plants!
OO! Almost forgot-some of the children got to hold a newt today! Some words to describe the newts and holding them, "slimy," "icky," "ticklish," "creepy" and "wet."

T.S holding a newt
J.M holding a newt
K.W holding a newt
Tomorrow, we will be adding more seeds to our seed collections! I also have a fun butterfly craft for our art center!