Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching up!

Jambo! (Hello in Swahili!) This is the greeting we used last week at our morning meeting. Sorry for not blogging until now. C.J, Brian and I went to Vermont for the weekend! We had so much fun hiking and relaxing with our dog! It's nice to vacation as a whole family! Though I'm a city girl at heart, I absolutely love hiking! We hiked around a beautiful reservoir on Saturday and hiked in a forest trail this morning before coming home! We bought Brian a stay at the Paw House Inn for his birthday. It's a bed and breakfast that caters to dogs! It was great to unplug for the weekend and enjoy nature!
Brian with his new friend, Stanley
Chittenden reservoir
 On Thursday, we began the day by heading out to the compost bin in our school garden to get rid of some compostable materials we had in our classroom. Our compost bin with red wigglers can only eat so much!
Outside at the school's compost bin
J.M and O.B by the compost bin
G.S and A.R
T.W places the materials in the compost bin
X.I and D.K
O.S places a banana peel in
We also talked about the different parts of a plant. We worked together to label the parts.
The kids labeled the roots!
G.A adds the E to stem
A.R adds the F to leaf
Our completed chart
In the afternoon, we moved the chrysalids into the butterfly net to prepare for their metamorphosis.
Carefully removing the chrysalids from the jar
Attaching the chrysalids to the butterfly net

Looking at the chrysalids
I couldn't help looking either!
After moving them, there was some movement in the chrysalids! It was fun to watch! I can't wait to get back in the classroom on Monday and see if any butterflies came out of their cocoons.

On Friday, after reading Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! we were inspired by Buddy Bear's seed collection to start our own! We added beans, corn and beet seeds. If there's any seeds you have at home and no longer need, you can bring them for your child to add to their seed collection!
K.M's seed collection
J.A's seed collection
A.K's seed collection
G.A glues some seeds on to her collection
G.P's seed collection
In our dramatic play center, I added some faux flowers for the students to play with! I'll be slowly transitioning the dramatic play center from a recycling center into a play garden shop.
At the science center, T.D and O.S played with some frog life cycle puzzles!

Tomorrow, we hope to see some changes in some of the animals in the classroom and we will also be checking our plants to see if there is any growth. We'll also starting working on our plant journals to document changes in our plants!

Reminder, this week is a short week (3 days). We have Thursday and Friday off due to the unused snow days from this year and Monday, there is no school in observance of Memorial Day. Wednesday is our walking trip to the New York State Museum. With the weather being so beautiful recently, we have chosen to skip nap in favor of more activities in and out of the classroom. Make sure your child comes to school in comfortable shoes! :)