Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clothing Pin Butterflies

Butterfly update-all four caterpillars have fully transformed into butterflies! The last butterfly emerged at the end of the day! 
One of our butterflies flapping its wings-you can also see a butterfly on the left clinging to the net
With the rain, we didn't get to go outside for outdoor fun but we had a lot of fun indoors! We made a lovely craft project with coffee filters, clothing pins, markers, pipe cleaners and water. This craft can be done at home too for more butterflies!

First, the kids decorated their individual coffee filters with markers. When the design was completed, we sprayed water on the filters to create an interesting and colorful effect.
A.K decorates the butterfly wings with dots
X.I also creates dots for the wings
D.K wanted to stick with orange and black for the monarch butterfly
G.A creates zig zag lines and dots
O.B drew yellow zig zag lines and yellow dots
K.W draws free form brown lines
G.S creates a variety of different lines and dots
T.S sprays his coffee filter!
X.I sprays his coffee filter
A close up of X.I's coffee filter/butterfly wings
While, we let the coffee filters dry, the kids decorated the body of the butterfly (the clothing pins).
J.M's clothing pin/butterfly body or thorax
D.K drew eyes on the sides of the clothing pin
With a pipe cleaner, the kids twisted them around a marker to make it curly and then twisted it on the clothing pin for the antennae.
When the coffee filters dried, they were folded back and forth (sort of like an accordion) and clipped into the clothing pin and then spread out to create the wings!
D.K's monarch butterfly
D.K snapped this photo of J.M, K.W, G.S and G.P's butterflies
O.S' butterfly
J.C's butterfly
Tomorrow is our trip to the New York State Museum. I sent a letter home in each child's folder with a reminder to dress accordingly with the weather. Last time I checked, it seems like the rain will hold off until we get back to school, but just in case make sure your child wears comfortable shoes that will protect them from rain :)