Saturday, May 5, 2012

Creating a landfill

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I'm so happy that the sun has returned! :) Seeing the sun always makes me feel more energetic! This morning, we took Brian to Bark for life to support the American Cancer Society!
Unexpectedly, the sun came out Friday afternoon and the kids got to go out for a bit before dismissal! :)

In the morning, we worked together to create a model of a landfill. Using a clear plastic jar, we'll be able to see the decomposition of waste and compare it with the decomposition rate in our compost bin. To create the model of the landfill, we layered soil, rocks and waste in the jar. The first layer is soil then which is like the ground under all landfills.
K.W scoops soil into the jar
X.I scoops soil into the jar
A.R scoops soil into the jar
We scoop in about 1-2 inches of soil for the bottom of the landfill
Following this, we placed plastic wrap over the bottom layer of soil to represent the liner found in landfills that prevents any leaking to go into the ground and effect groundwater. We layered rocks and gravel on top of the plastic wrap. Every landfill has a layer of gravel before waste is deposited.
T.D places rocks in our landfill
A.R layers some rocks in the landfill
O.S places rocks in the landfill
G.A finishes up covering the plastic wrap with rocks
Following this, we alternated layering soil and waste!
Waste in the landfill

All done!
After the layering, we screwed on the top tightly to prevent any unpleasant landfill like smells from seeping through. We placed the landfill right next to the compost bin! The class also did some interactive writing to label the landfill.
The landfill with the label!
The other side of the landfill gives a clear view of what's inside
During centers---
A.R sorts through the recyclable materials
I'm always amazed at how much children take to finding the recycling logo on products. At the play dough center, J.C ran over to me to show the recycling logo he found on the cap of the play dough container.
It's made from recycled goods!
PreK News Report!! Today, K.M reports from our science center!

Great news-I received exciting packages today! The caterpillars have arrived! They came in the mail today and will be in our classroom Monday morning! We'll start talking about the butterfly life cycle this week. I also received the Insta-worms I ordered so we will experiment with that in class this week too! I'll also be building the paper making deckle and mold tomorrow, so if that's successful-our class will be creating homemade recycled paper! It should be a super exciting week in school. Thursday is also our trip to Dutch Hollow Farms! :)

I also created two new resources on the blog-a link with fun things to do for kids and families in the area and a link with different websites that are fun and educational! Hope everyone finds them helpful! I'll be updating them frequently!