Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drafting our dioramas

Sorry for the late blog post again-had to run some errands! I stopped by the shoe store to pick up the shoe boxes for everyone's dioramas!

We started off our day by heading to the school library for the last day of RIF (reading is fundamental), a grant which allows each student to take a book home to keep! Every child chose a book to bring home!
T.D and K.W reading their books from RIF
D.K and G.S read Inch by Inch
I love storytelling-it really gets the creative juices flowing in kids! It's also very individual, personal and unique! I wanted to start storytelling with allowing the kids freedom in creating their stories with art. Dioramas are a great blank canvas for that-because they can draw, paint, sculpt, or use any medium for that matter to depict their story. I started by showing the students, my draft for my diorama and then my diorama. The children were fascinated with my diorama and were even more excited to learn that they'll be creating their own. D.K insisted that I left my diorama at school for them to view.
Me hiking my dog in the state park
We focused on adding details, which the kids were great with! Without being told to (since they aren't needed in the diorama), several students labeled the items in their stories!
G.S "I ride on the train"
A.R "I'm in N's house. These are the decorations in the house. I'm going to get strawberries in the house"
D.K "My dad and I went fishing. The train went by" (Click on the photo see his dad and him in the lower right hand corner)
X.I "I'm going upstairs and I play with my toys"
T.D (I didn't get a chance to document her telling me the story---will fill in tomorrow!)
O.S "J.C was looking for me and then he found me"
G.A "I was going to the park. When I was going to the park, I saw a flower. I went on the swings and the slide"
A.R "The sun is coming out. The flowers are growing. I put water on them"
T.S "I'm on the subway with mom and dad" (Check out how T.S labels passenger on the top right hand corner!)
K.W "I'm jumping into the pool"
J.C "It's me and my dad in the car. M and I were having gum. My mom said we have to spit the gum out when we get home"
O.B " X.I and I are having a play date. We are in X.I's grandpa's house. We are playing with the toys"
K.M "I'm riding the bike. Mommy is watching me. There's a spider" (Look for the spider on the bottom right corner!)
T.W "I'm with A. We are playing on the bed"
J.M "I'm in the pool with my sisters. This is the trampoline" (The trampoline is purple/black in the lower left hand corner)
G.P "I go to school with my mom and my friend"
 Tomorrow, the children will get to begin working on their dioramas by creating the background!

The dioramas will lead into our oral storytelling unit. This is the storytelling unit I worked on with Nia Isoke last year and mentioned on the blog earlier in the year. :)