Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy early Mother's Day to all my classroom's mommies, nanas, aunties, grandmas, etc. You are all a special part of your child's life and I am always so thankful to have such active parents in the classroom! I hope everyone enjoyed their gift made with lots of love from their child. The last couple of days, the kids have been working on their mother's day gifts-a mug with artwork created by them! The mugs are washable (the ink won't come out after washing). The children used special permanent markets to draw on the mugs.
K.M writes her name on the mug
J.C decorates his mug
D.K draws a flower on his mug
O.S works on the mug for his mom
A.R shows her mug
G.A added words to her mug
X.I writes his name
G.A's mug-she drew her with her mom
We also worked on mother's day cards to place in the mug!
A.K with her card
J.A with his card
K.M with her card
D.K with his card-he loves the black eyed suzies
The inside of O.B's card
In the morning, we noticed the caterpillars changing! Since we've gotten them, they've grown noticeably bigger! We passed around the caterpillars and students noted that they are "hairier," "fuzzier" and "bigger." Now without the magnifying glasses, anyone can see their paws and eyes! They are also showing more movement and several seem to be migrating to the top. It may almost be time to enter the pupal stage. We'll see what happens over the weekend!

We also got to finish our egg carton caterpillars by adding details with googly eyes and other beautiful junk to create the details on the caterpillars' bodies.
G.P's caterpillar
K.M's caterpillar
A close up of T.D's caterpillar
A.K adds beautiful junk to her caterpillar
 We ended our day reading with our buddy readers!
R reads to O.S
S reads to G.S
J reads to G.A
D reads to J.A

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend! We're going to venture to Tulip Fest (my first!) I hope everyone enjoys the weather and take some time to celebrate their mothers! :) See everyone on Monday! We'll starting planting this week! :)