Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello Caterpillars!

Today, our class got to meet our caterpillars! The caterpillars are really interesting to look at especially in comparision to our red wiggler worms.
A.R views the caterpillars
K.M, G.A and A.R view the caterpillars

T.S, G.P and A.R look at the caterpillars

A.K, T.D and G.S examine the caterpillars
The children were interested in finding the caterpillars' eyes so Ms. Kacey showed them with the help of a magnifying glass. 
Finding the beady eyes
We also worked on observing the tadpoles today for our frog books. The frog books will help us to keep track of the changes that the tadpoles undergo.
T.W looking at the tadpole
One of the tadpoles
D.K looks for the tadpoles
J.A sketching the tadpoles
O.B observes the tadpoles
A.R watches the tadpoles swim around
The tadpoles move around quite a bit and sometimes they will hop up from the water!
 Here are some of the students' work in their frog books/journals--
K.M's sketch of frog eggs and tadpoles

O.B's sketch of a tadpole

G.S captured the dots on the tadpole's tail

Look at how J.A sketched the tadpole's tails!
T.S' sketch of a tadpole-I love how each child illustrated the tadpoles in such different manners, but all vividly accurate!
J.C sketched the tadpole as a rectangular shape! Look at the eye!
G.A's tadpoles-her sketch shows the movement of the tadpoles
 Newsflash! Today T.D reports from our classroom!

Tomorrow, we will be creating caterpillars from egg cartons and assorted beautiful junk. Also, we named our newts-Luke and Jennifer! :)