Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We finally got to experiment with the Insta-worms I purchased awhile ago! I stumbled upon the insta-worms on Steve Spangler. It was really fun for the kids to see how liquid turned into solid in the matter of seconds. Using measuring cups and spoons, we measured out warm water and a teaspoon of the worm activator powder and stirred until it dissolved. Following this, we squeeze the blue "worm goo" into the water mixture and worms instantly appeared! The kids were fascinated with the results-feeling them and even smelling them! The texture of the "worms" is quite gooey but very worm-like. As a class, we created a bunch to put into our water table. During center time, individual students got to create their own insta-worms to take home!
O.B mixes the water and the powder
J.M stirs
The worm activator powder
T.S squeezes in the blue worm goo
The resulting insta-worms
O.S smells the insta-worm
O.B, G.A and J.C exploring and discussing the "worms"
Creating insta-worms during center time--
Our tadpoles haven't developed any hind legs yet, but we were inspired by the frog hopping to play a frog hop game! With mini frogs, each student got to "hop" their mini frogs and we worked together to measure how far our frogs hopped! We had to use books to hold the frogs and lily pads in place.
K.M's frog in mid-hop
G.S notices how far his frog hopped
How far will the frogs hop?
Using measuring tape, T.S measures how many inches his frog hopped
The game was also available at our math center during center time!
J.A, K.W, A.R and G.S playing at the math center
At the art center, students created coffee filter flowers! Instead of paint brushes, the kids used materials with different textures!
G.A and O.B painting their flowers
We'll be labeling the parts of a plant tomorrow and learning the vocabulary associated with the various parts! We'll also be moving our chrysalides into the butterfly net! I won't be able to blog tomorrow-I'm running the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge with the rest of the Albany City School District Team! :) Also, I've updated the important dates page with updated trips!