Monday, May 14, 2012

Life cycle of a butterfly

Happy Monday! We started off our day today in museum class with Ms. Ingleston. Though we weren't able to go outside, we explored a variety of plants that the older grades were planting. The class were able to see the difference between the plants and they even got to smell them (the tomato plants were especially delicious-smelling!). It gave the class more background for planting, which we are starting tomorrow!!
Over the weekend, our caterpillars became chrysalides!
 Three of the four caterpillars are fully formed chrysalides, one is still in the process of cocooning. We read a book about the life cycle of a butterfly and looked at photographs of the changes. We then created a life cycle plate to help us remember the stages of a butterfly's life cycle. We used beans to represent the eggs, ziti pasta to represent the caterpillars, rotini pasta to present the chrysalides and farfalle pasta to represent the butterflies.
First, we divided the plate into fourths and then the kids wrote out the numbers 1-4 on their plates. 
K.M's butterfly life cycle plate with numbers
T.S glues the beans "eggs" to his 1st quarter on the plate
G.A presses down the beans to make sure they're secure
A.K glues on the rotini "chrysalis"
G.P gluing on her chrysalides
We worked together to stretch out the names of each of the stages and wrote it together interactively. We then labeled the stages on our life cycle plates.
Here, are some of the students with their finished butterfly life cycle plates--
J.C's eggs label
J.M's caterpillar label
G.P's chrysalis' label
G.A--not sure if you can see but on the bottom right of her plate-she also labeled pasta on her own!
G.S' butterfly label
T.S' egg label
T.D' chrysalis label
We became experts at sequencing the life cycle of a butterfly! Our class is excited for the butterflies to arrive! Once the fourth caterpillar has fully spun a cocoon, we will move the chrysalides into the butterfly net.
Here is an online game for kids about the life cycle of a butterfly--life cycle of a butterfly game.
Tomorrow, we will begin planting. Each child will receive a cup to plant and choose which veggies or herbs they want to plant. They'll get to scoop the soil into their planters and plant their seeds.

Tomorrow, is also voting day for the Albany city school district budget. Please click here for more info and please take the time out to vote!

Side note, special congratulations to all the recent graduates! President Obama spoke at my alma mater today!