Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day weekend recap

Hope everyone had an excellent extended Memorial Day break! I was able to go back to the city for a day to visit my old colleagues from my last school in Queens. It was amazing to go back, see some of my old students and my friends! I sat in for a little in Ms. Anna's room. We were on the kindergarten team together last year and we've talked about the change going into prek. She's doing such amazing things!
The block center in Ms. Anna's room
The kids doing some shared reading!
Her classroom
One of the bulletin boards-you can see similarities in the avid photography in the classroom!
Ms. Merril's classroom (also PreK)-her classroom has a puppet theater!
It was also my sister's birthday-Happy birthday Ashley! We went out to dinner in Little Italy! She loves pasta!
My sister, Ashley and I
Over the weekend, we went to my husband's aunt's lake house up near Rochester by Conesus Lake. We went hiking both at Stony brook State park and at Letchworth State Park. The gorges were absolutely beautiful! I took over 120 photos from hiking! The views were incredible!
Stony brook State Park
A family photo at Stony brook State Park

Brian and I at Letchworth State Park

A view of the gorge at Letchworth State Park
Not sure if T-ball season is still going on, but Kacey and I would love to attend any games the kids are playing--so if your child is playing T-ball or any sport for that matter, let us know the date/time/location of the game and we will try to make it out! We would love to support the children outside of school too! :)

When we return tomorrow, we will be starting our storytelling unit-starting with dioramas!  :) Can't wait to hear about everyone's breaks!