Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Newt King

Short blog post tonight-there's flooding and puddles around the house!
Even though it was only 5 days off, it seemed like forever since we saw the kids! We were able to go outside for a bit in the morning before it rained in the afternoon.

Over the long weekend, everyone's plants grew a lot! We noticed that the corn plants became especially tall! The students documented the changes in their plants in their plant journals!
We also got to add watermelon and pea seeds to our seed collections!


The tadpoles have fully formed two hind legs! If you look closely-you can see them!
I also collected a big rock from my mother in law's garden and placed it in the tank for the soon-to-be frogs and newts to enjoy. The newts took to it quickly and enjoyed laying on it. T.D noticed it and commented, "It looks like Simba from The Lion King!"-I thought it was such an adorable comparison. I've grown fond of the newts-originally, I was going to let the kids release the frogs and newts once the frogs were fully formed, but I think I might keep the newts around longer!

Our butterflies have gotten bigger as well! We will be releasing them this Friday! :)

We will begin the first step to creating our dioramas by sketching our stories and adding details!