Monday, May 7, 2012

Our class is becoming a zoo!

I truly feel like our class is becoming a zoo with all the animals albeit small ones in our room. Today our class received 2 tadpoles and 2 newts! Thank you to Mr. Reuter for scooping them up from a pond and sharing them with our class.
A newt and a tadpole

The tadpoles
A closeup of one the tadpoles
It's actually my first time seeing tadpoles in person! They are quite big! They are bull frog tadpoles so that may have something to do with the size. Right now, they have long tails but we'll be watching to see their hind legs and front legs appear and tail disappear. We created frog journals to jot down observations and changes!

For museum class today, Ms. Ingleston took our class to the school garden to plant some lima beans. This year, the school's garden theme is plants of the Native Americans. The class broke up the soil with shovels, then smoothed the soil over with gardening gloves and then planted lima beans.
The class looking at our grow box
Breaking up the soil
Ms. Ingleston shows the kids how to push the soil around with the shovel
Looking at a bird in the sky
K.W, K.M, T.S and X.I smoothing out the soil
A.R and T.W breaking up the soil
The kids planted the beans next to the yellow line
Pushing the beans into the soil
J.A smooths the soil over the bean
J.M planting the lima bean
Our class got to sit in the boats in the school garden. Ms. Ingleston let us know that they were given to the school by a Red Lobster that was getting rid of them.

Tomorrow, we'll be looking at the caterpillars and drawing observations of both the caterpillars and tadpoles. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to successful build the paper making deckle over the weekend so I'm contemplating buying one so we may make paper later on the year. I was looking through my plan look and its amazing how much time flies! There's so much to do before the end of the year! :)