Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our trip to Dutch Hollow Farm

Today was our trip to Dutch Hollow Farm in Schodack Landing! The classes had so much! It was amazing to leave the city and experience farm life. Dutch Hollow Farm is a dairy farm so we got to see a lot of cows-in fact they have about 600 cows on their farm.

When we arrived at the farm, Farmer Beth introduced us to various farm animals and the kids were able to see and pet them.
Some of the cows on the farm
This calf is 1 day old!
The first animal we pet was Thumper, the rabbit!
Meet Thumper
J.A and G.A pet Thumper
Next came the chicks! The chicks were bigger than the ones we had in our classroom.
Farmer Beth holds one of the chicks
O.S' dad Jimmy walks around with one of the chicks for the kids to pet
K.W pets the chick
The kids got to pet the turtles next!

Mr. Coupland passes around the turtle
T.D and K.W pet the turtle
A close up of the turtle
The kids also got to pet the 1 day old calf! She was adorable and incredibly calming. She rested on the grass as the kids took turns petting her.
Petting the calf
Y and D.K petting the calf
A close up of the calf
The sheep baa-ed frequently! He about the same size as my dog at home!
A.R petting the sheep
G.A petting the sheep
A.K petting the sheep
O.S petting the sheep
An amazing thing happened during our trip! As we entered the nursery barn with pregnant cows, one of the cows just gave birth! There was a bit of blood, but it was spectacular to see a calf newly born and to see how the mother cow was taking care of her.
The mother cow licking the calf
The mother cow and calf
Another photo of the mother cow and calf
We continued on with our walk through the nursery barn.
Walking through the nursery barn
We also ventured into the calf barn where the kids got to see the calves eat and to feed them!
The calf barn

T.D petting the calf
The calf licks D.K's hand
A.R petting the calf
Farmer Beth talking about the calves
While the next group went on the tour, we got to play with various sensory boxes filled with corn, beans and seeds. There was also toy tractors and a stable with toy horses.
G.A and T.D play in the sensory box
Playing the horse stable
Farm fun!
We also got to take turns sitting in the farm tractor.
G.S in the tractor
G.A and A.R in the tractor
X.I in the tractor
O.B and his sister E with Mr. Reuter
K.M and J.A on the tractor
O.S and K.W on the tractor
D.K and J.C on the tractor
G.P and J.M on the tractor
We went to see how the farmers milk their cows. They use a lot of technology to milk the cows. We got to see how pumps pump the milk and they automatically come off the cow when they are done.
Seeing how the cows get milked
The kids got to feel the pump and the suction
At the end of our trip, the class got to feed the cows! I've gained a greater appreciate for dairy farmers and cows. Cows are truly very gentle and calming creatures. With all the kids there to visit them today, they didn't seem phased by it at all and seemed to love the attention and affection.
Feeding the cows
T.D feeding a cow
A.K feeding the cow
Playing in the hay maze
Our trip was lovely. Thanks to Dutch Hollow Farm especially our tour guide, Farmer Beth. And special thank you to Ms. Ingleston for organizing the trip! :) Thank you to our chaperones, A.R's mom, O.B's mom, A.K's mom, O.B's dad and K.W's Nana.
Tomorrow, we will continue with our caterpillar crafts and finish up our mother's day projects! :)