Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Planting on a rainy day!

Sorry for the late post tonight-had to run some errands! Today, we started planting! It was an exciting endeavor and perfect for a rainy day! Each student got a planter cup, scooped their own soil, and decided which seeds they wanted to plant. Using thick popsicle sticks, the kids also labeled the plants they chose so we'll able to remember what we planted. They got to choose from radish seeds, cucumber seeds, corn seeds, spearmint seeds, lavender seeds, and beet seeds.
K.W and J.M scooping soil into their planters
G.A and D.K
G.P and K.W
corn and radish marker
D.K pushing his seed into the soil
D.K's corn and lavender marker
T.D plants her seeds
O.S plants his seeds
O.B planting
Some writing--
G.A drew a picture of her table (I make a cameo!)
J.A wrote about how he planted radishes
T.S wrote about how he planted corn
O.B wrote about planting corn
I wanted to try how the kids would work with an ipad. They've been excellent with other forms of technology, so I thought it may be time to individually see if it's something that can be used in the classroom. There are a lot of educational apps on the ipad. I found one made by Nickelodeon called Dora's ABC. D.K tried it out today during rest time.
He really enjoyed it and needed little direction. May be trying it out more with other students in the days to come!

The class' indoor garden--

 Tomorrow, we be talking about what our plants need! We'll be using the insta-worms in our sand/water table and observing the progress of our soon to be butterflies and frogs!