Thursday, May 3, 2012

What can we recycle?

Yesterday, we had a productive day working on our recycling bins for our dramatic play center turned into a recycling center! We worked in groups to paint a bin a bold color so that we can tell the bins apart and make it easy for sorting.
K.W, J.M, G.S and G.P paint the paper bin blue
K.M, X.I, O.B and T.W paint the glass bin green
A.R, O.S, A.R, G.A and J.C paint the plastic bin yellow
We did some interactive writing to label the rest of the bins-glass and paper. The kids then created drawings to match the bins they painted.
J.M draws some paper to adorn the paper bin
K.W draws some papers for the paper bin and the recycling logo
A close up of K.W's recycling logo
O.S looks at some plastic containers for some inspiration
G.A's drawing of plastics
J.A's drawing of a can
K.M's recycling logo
T.S' recycling logo
Our recycling center is now a colorful place ready for everyone to recycle materials!
The box of recycable materials that need to be sorted out and recycled!
We opened our dramatic play center/recycling center today for the kids recycle!
G.P, A.R, A.K and T.S holding up recycable items

T.S places the cardboard box in the paper bin

A.R places the milk carton in the plastics bin
G.P looks at photos of recycling bins
PreK News Segment--T.S gives us a tour of the recycling center--

T.S loved the idea of being the reporter as I held the camera---this may be a wonderful idea we can bring to the whole class and have them report news from our classroom...another way to utilize our new microphone!
At the block center, we reused some packaging paper and turned it into worms and built worm tunnels for them.
J.M created this worm tunnel
O.S created this one for the worm
J.M with her worm tunnels
Look at how complex the worm tunnel became!
We also attended a fire prevention assembly today ran by local firefighter Chris Lanier. It was very informative and the kids learned about the importance of having fire drills at home and knowing what to do in case of fires or emergencies! We talked about the importance of knowing your own address so we discussed this during our morning meeting and we said we'd go home and learn our own addresses with our families!
This is Firefighter Chris-sorry for the blurry photo! I didn't want to blind him with the flash.
Today, we worked on the word can. The class have become familiar with the word because of recycling cans but we talked about another way the word can be used. We did a turn and talk conversation to practice using the word "can."
In math, we worked on creating number sentences! Below are a couple of the students' work!

J.A's number sentence- 5 circles + 2 tigers = 7
T.D's number sentence- 6 hearts + 5 apples = 11
G.A's number sentence-1 colorful pillow + 3 flowers = 4
T.S's number sentence- 5 batmans + 3 supermans = 8
K.M's number sentence - 3 dogs + 2 children = 5
G.S' number sentence - 3 trash cans + 2 dogs = 5
K.W's number sentence- 1 apple + 3 flowers = 4
G.P's number sentence - 4 trees + 6 flowers = 10
Tomorrow, we will continue with our recycling/worm related centers. Our compost bin in the science center was closed for exploration due to overfeeding. The kids have been enthusiastic about feeding them! We have lots of coffee grinds, apple cores and other assorted compostable materials. We may take a trip to the school's outdoor compost bin in the garden to dispose of some of them. We will also making a model of a landfill tomorrow to observe decomposition and learn about the layers in a landfill! We'll talk about whether they are good for our planet.

Reminder tomorrow is Friday so lending library bags are due. Also, it's school spirit day so wear your TOAST tshirt! :)

Here is a link to a fun website with recycling activities that can be done online! :) For teachers or those interested, New York City has a wonderful website with lots of resources to teach recycling and info related to recycling and composting. For more information about recycling in Albany click here.