Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is recycling?

Bonjour blog readers! We didn't get an opportunity to go outdoors today but we got a lot done indoors! Following our Tuesday yoga, we started our talk about recycling. We started off by finding out what we already know! The following clip was recorded with our microphone recorder--

I wanted the class to get a grasp of the recycling process, so we read The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled, which went through the process of recycling a variety of items and how old paper gets turned into new paper. We also watched some clips to see video footage of the recycling process--

We learned that recycling is when you use something old or used and turn it to something new!

We also looked at the recycling logo and searched on some products for the logo to see that it's made from recycled materials! See if your child can find this logo on items at home!

We started the process of turning our dramatic play center into a recycling center. So we began by doing some interactive writing and labeling boxes to play the recycled goods!

The class got excited about recycling and doing their part to help the Earth! I've been researching how to create paper from old papers. I'll be creating a deckle over the weekend so next week we will be working together to manually create new paper from old paper! This should be an exciting project for the class!

Tomorrow, we will open our recycling center in our dramatic play area for children to play and sort recyclable items! There will also be magnets for students to sort out metal items just like at the recycling center!

In some math-related news-our class can count the following ways
...backwards from 10
...skip counting to 10
...by 5s to 20
...by 10s to 100
...1-10 in Spanish
...1-10 in Chinese (Cantonese)
I'm working on a putting together a video to show all the amazing ways our class can count! I will introduce counting from 1-10 in French this week! Our class loves learning different languages and they pick it up quickly! Ms. Lo was commenting how amazing the dialect sounded when G.A counted from 1-10 in Cantonese for her!

A share video/sound recording from today-O.S shares (O.B and K.W ask him questions)--