Thursday, June 21, 2012

End of the year

Mr. Flynn announced the results of the school science illustration competition over the loudspeaker today! A.K received an honorable mention and J.A was one of the 6 winners chosen from the school! Our class is thrilled to have our very own classmates receive recognition! :) D.K, J.A and G.A also have their illustrations displayed in the front lobby of the school!!

I think it may have finally hit me that this year is over. I tried to talk to as many families as I could over the last couple of days, but in case I didn't get to say it-I want to give a BIG thank you to all the families! Our classroom couldn't have done it withour your support, encouragement, positive energy and presence. We absolutely loved having families take such an active role in our classroom. All the kids knew everyone's family members- names and faces! This class and these group of children are going to hold such a special place in my heart and memory. They're my first prek class but it goes beyond that-their personalities and interests and curiosities have left an indelible impact on me. The class dynamic has been full of spark and as a teacher, I thrived on it! I'm going to miss everyone so much and I wish nothing but the best for everyone! I know everyone is on their way to doing amazing things! If anyone ever needs anything, you can always email me, even if it's just to say hi!

Also, thank you for reading this blog and giving me such positive feedback about it. This has been a great space for not only communicating with families, but also for me to reflect on the day and the classroom. I'm going to continue blogging through the summer, though not as frequently and probably with just personal updates. I can't say with 100% certainty where I'm going to be next year, but I'll update the blog as soon as I know! :)

Tomorrow is our last day :( It'll be another half day dismissal at 11:15am and we will be giving out report cards. Any report cards not handed out will be given to the main office. Have a super duper fantastic summer! Stay cool, be kind and have lots and lots of fun!!

Also, if your child is continuing at TOAST, check out these websites from two of the kindergarten teachers---
Mrs. Bruce--
Mrs. Luciani--