Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Trip to Five Rivers

We had a wonderful morning at Five Rivers! The weather turned out much better than expected-it was cool and shady, perfect for our hike around Five Rivers! We broke up into small groups to follow a tour guide. Ms. Kacey and I split up the class and each of us went with a group. I went with Ms. Barb, who was very calming and modeled great respect for nature and wildlife. We used our five senses as the tools for exploring nature!
Our group with Ms. Barb
We used our sense of touch to feel different plants, flowers and seeds
The grass had seeds on them
D.K said, "My mommy grows those!"
We closed our eyes and smelled the wild mint seeds
Looking for pine cones!
Looking up the tall tree!
Many students were fascinated with the map of the area. O.B asked, "Can we go here?" (pointing to the lake)
It's hard to see--but the brown spot in the photo on the path is a bunny! We were treated with a quick glimpse!
What nibbles on the leaves?
D.K found this snail and everyone got to look at it
We used magnifiers to look closely at small things
G.P looks for some bugs
O.B looks into the wood chips
We noticed this milky substance on the branches-it was spit and inside was a spit bug!
What could have dug this hole?
We went on the dock to notice the geese--but many of the children were more fascinated with the goose poo that laid around the dock area
Ms. Barb used a net to catch small bugs and laid them out on a blanket for the children to explore
We saw an inch worm, a baby grasshopper, a damsel fly, and many other assorted tiny bugs
We came upon an anthill!
We passed by a beehive! We didn't go near it but we did get to taste
We didn't even cover half of the area! Five Rivers is a wonderful place for all ages and it's really close to Albany. The bus ride was about 15-20 minutes. I highly recommend it for families to go and take a hike and explore nature! There were many trails-I'm thinking of taking my dog some day!

Special thanks to O.B's dad, A.K's mom and K.M's sister for chaperoning! :D

We have three more days of school left-tomorrow is our last full day!!! Reminder, Thursday and Friday are half days (dismissal at 11:15am) and there will be no aftercare from the Y both days. Report cards will be given out Friday!