Thursday, June 7, 2012

Science Illustration Competition

We recently received information about the school's Science Illustration Competition. I thought it would be great for everyone in our class to participate since we love to draw, love science and are working on labeling! For this competition, we had to draw something from the natural world and include labels! I love to have the class participate in the school's science events. Even at a young age, it's great experience and exposure! The kids had so much fun working on the junior science fair project too! Using pencil, the students sketched out their figures and added labels. After sketching their figures out with pencils, the students used black permanent markers to trace out their pencil markings. And finally, they colored it in!
T.D sketches her butterfly
A.R with her sketch of a dog
G.S' sketch of a lion
D.K colors in his ladybug

G.A outlines her work with the permanent marker
Some of the completed science illustrations--
T.S' lion
J.M's cat
G.S' lion
G.P's butterfly
K.M's tiger
J.C's duck
D.K's ladybug
K.W's tiger
A.K's butterfly
T.D's butterfly
G.A's butterfly
Butterflies were definitely a popular choice in our class! Many missed the butterflies we had in our classroom!

We had another student join our 5-year club today! Happy birthday to A.R!
Eating cupcakes!
We will continue with storytelling this week-finishing up our dioramas, continuing to record our stories via the flip camera and hopefully getting some outside time :) The kids will also be taking their plants home tomorrow! Today, we talked about what to do with the plants when they get home! They'll need lots of water, sunshine and love!