Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sorry for not blogging last night-I went to another tball game to support K.W! He tells me his favorite position to play is first base!

We have started oral storytelling in our classroom. We have been sitting in a circle (similar to our morning meeting) and tell stories from our lives, sometimes using our hands to show the movements in our stories. We have also been using Who? Where? and What? to help guide our storytelling.
T.S tells a story about making a crown
T.D tells a story about walking to school with her dad
K.M shows how her aunt cleaned the chicken for the cook-ou
During center time, students were able to record their stories using the flip. They were also able to playback their story and watch!
G.A watches her storytelling on the flip
Here is a clip of K.W's story from today--
We'll be continuing tell stories daily in our circle utilizing sounds, motions, etc. We'll be working on adding details to our stories too.

I want to make a special birthday shout out to my husband, CJ! He's such a big supporter of my classroom especially when it comes to taking care of the class fish. Happy birthday! :D