Friday, June 1, 2012

Tball & Dioramas & Releasing the butterflies!

Yesterday, I happily attended a tball game that J.C, D.K and T.S were playing! It was fun to see the students in a different environment and see them actively participating outdoors!
J.C playing at shortstop 
T.S and D.K at first base
J.C and D.K at first base
T.S swings
J.C at bat
T.S and D.K on the field
D.K and J.C

Brian wanted to watch too!
The last two days, the class worked on their dioramas. Using the stories they wrote on Tuesday, the kids used a variety of art materials to bring their stories to life. The dioramas are wonderfully imaginative! As a class, a couple of students at time took turns walking around to view all the dioramas and then in whole-group, a couple of students were able to share their stories with the whole class. We will continue with the sharing next week, too.
T.S uses wire to create the train tracks in his story
D.K's diorama about fishing with his father

J.C's diorama and accompanying drawing
T.S' diorama and accompanying drawing

A.K's diorama
K.M's diorama
J.A's diorama
X.I's diorama
O.S' diorama
A.R's diorama
G.P's diorama
We also said goodbye to our four butterflies today! Before releasing the butterflies, some students shared their wishes for the butterflies.
Here is a short video clip of the butterflies inside the butterfly net--

Two of the butterflies flew out of the butterfly net quickly. Two seemed a bit weak and remained in the grass on the playground for awhile. A couple of the students were able to pick them up. Here are the video clips of the butterfly release---

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Next week, we will continue with storytelling-this time using just our voices, hands and some video recorders!