Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Wow I grew up!"

That's what one of the students said when we working on our individual posters. Each poster had a photograph I took of the child on their first day of school and a photo taken in the spring. We looked at everyone's posters and it was amazing to see the changes that occurred! The children, then, decorated their posters with their names and other drawings. Every family will get to see these posters and take them home this Friday following our stepping up picnic!
They all came out beautifully! I can't wait for everyone's families to see them!

I've been worried that our tadpoles/froglets wouldn't turn into frogs by the time the school year ended, but today one of the tadpoles grew front legs! It was amazing! We'll be watching now to see if the tails will be getting smaller.
The tadpole with both hind and front legs (sorry for the blurry photo-they move around so quickly!)
Looking closely we can see the webbed feet on the hind legs
We passed around the tadpole for closer inspection.

Reminder, this Friday is our stepping up (graduation) picnic from 10:30-11:45. After the celebration, we will be returning back to the classroom to receive each student's items and gifts. The dioramas will also be on display! Not sure if I'll be blogging tomorrow, I'm heading to Ballston Spa for a dog event, but I hope to see everyone on Friday! Also, if you have any lending library books or classroom books, please try to return them by the end of this week. 
Tomorrow is also Flag Day, so dress in red, white and blue to celebrate!