Thursday, August 30, 2012

Starting off another school year

One more weekend to go before school officially starts!! I'm super excited about meeting the children that will be bringing the classroom to life! This last week, I have been arranging and decorating the classroom. Here are some before and after photos--
My husband helped me move in some boxes!
Day 1
On the first day, my friend Daphne helped me put up bulletin board paper, string lights and fabric.
My mother-in-law gave this to me. A calligrapher wrote the word 'teacher' in Chinese and framed it.

The classroom library...if you look in the corner-its a tank with red-spotted newts, Lucy and Ricky.
The dramatic play center. Much thanks to Ms. Sandner for keeping my old dramatic play stuff from a year ago! It felt so nostalgic opening up boxes.
The computer center
The rug area
The block center

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor day weekend! Our first day of school will be Thursday, September 6th! :)

Also, I updated the blog's web address to:, though if you go to the old link, will automatically redirect you.

It feels so good to be back :)