Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update-Next year

I hope everyone is having an amazing and fun summer so far! Can you believe it's already August and it's a month away until school starts? I don't think it's hit me yet! Sorry for not updating the blog recently-I've been going to New York City every other weekend and just catching up on a lot of things!

I spoke to some of you about where I might be next year and such and I got the word today from my principal at The Active Learning Elementary School in Queens, NY that I will be returning there! :) I am so excited about being able to go back. After a lot of thought and conversations with my husband, we both feel it best that I return there to teach. Professionally, it's the best choice for my career. I absolutely loved teaching prek especially with the extraordinary class I  had this past year and I'm going to bring back everything I learned from them and take that with me to my future kindergarten classes! I'll still be coming back up to Albany every weekend and holidays/days off so you may still see me around the neighborhood! As always, you can always email me for anything-even if it's just to say hi!

I wish everyone lots of luck next year in kindergarten! :)