Saturday, September 29, 2012

More storytelling and more play!

I noticed that with more details in their pictures, the students have more to say and tell with their stories. I introduced the recorder today with a couple of students to have them record their stories and hear them back. They were excited to hear their voices through the recorder! With their recordings, I was also able to piece it together with their pictures--
Here is Y.J's story---
And C.C's story-- I can't wait to compare these with stories the children will tell by the end of the year! :) I was only able to record with two students today, but here are some stories the class worked on--
K.W said, "My sister is playing a phone. It's raining. The phone is wet. Run to the house and the flower is growing up."
H.L said, "It's morning. My mom go play and then me and my sister and my grandma see mom play." H also pointed out her, her sister and her grandmother looking through the windows in the house!
Fridays are our math game/centers day! This week, we learned the Building Towers game. This game works on 1:1 correspondence (making sure to point and count the dots on the die), creating a tower that corresponds with the number they rolled, and comparing the tower you built with the one your partner build (using vocabulary such as same, different, shorter, taller, etc.) and of course building on skills we've been working on in our classroom like taking turns, listening to our partners and sharing the materials.
Here, Y.C is telling K.W about her tower "My tower is smaller"
I.Z watches as N.P rolls the die
A.P uses his finger to count the dots on the die
Then he counts the unifix cubs in his tower to double check he created with the correct number
H.L counts the unfix cubes in her tower
I love language through play time! Here are photos from Friday's play session--
C.C and Y.C explore these dried natural items along with magnifying glasses
C.C said, "They look bigger"
Y.C created this design using dried flowers and wood chips
Meanwhile at the block center--
N.P built tall buildings
I.Z built houses
Using the notepads in the block center, she creates a sign
In the puppet theater--
A.J and S.C put on a puppet show
Ms. Rebecca joins in on the fun. I overheard some of the characters were getting married!
Reminder--our trip to the Queens County Farm is on October 11th. If you haven't already, please make sure to return both the permission slip and the money. Have a wonderful weekend! See everyone back in school on Monday! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adding details

I can't believe it's been almost a month of school together. Everyday, I see more and more improvement and growth with the class. I am excited for all the things we'll be learning together. :) It's amazing to see how much of the classroom and school structures they have down now. During independent reading, we talked about taking picture walks-looking at the pictures, thinking about what's happening and what will happen. Today, I.F shared her thoughts during her picture walk with the class.

We continued our talk about similarities and differences during math workshop--
L.C says that the two monsters have different hats
K.W says that the balloons are different
In writing workshop, we have been talking about different ways we can make our writing better by adding more. We worked on adding details to the setting today so people looking at our writing will know where we are in the story. The children drew beautiful settings!
S.C said, "I am holding my grandpa's hand and my grandpa is holding my dad's hand. There is some rain coming."
A.Z said, "This is my apartment building. My brother and I go outside."
A.J said, "My friend and I are going to the park. We are playing."
G.L said, "The firetruck is saving the world. The good monsters help do good things. He can talk. The fire was on the house."
Y.J said, "I'm in the park and I'm playing"
We had language through music with Ms. Kim. Here she is doing a song and movement activity with our class!
The class with Ms. Kim
I took more photos and recording during our language through play time!
G.L created this "drink house"-"where I go to get water."
G.L also created this house
K.W mixes and pours "baby food"
I.Z dresses up as a mom
In the art center/studio, Y.Z chooses scrapbook paper and tissue paper and markers to create
In the classroom library, Y.C reads The Three Billy Goats Gruff
At the light table, A.M and A.P created airplanes
J.W creates artwork with wire
Here is his completed artwork. "The bees go to Halloween. The bees go to the ice cream slide. The people hear and step on them." He used the wire and packing paper from the beautiful junk basket to create the ice-cream slide.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Day Full of Play!

Today was the class' first day with FAN4Kids with Ms. Tara! They learned about healthy foods!
Ms. Tara, the FAN4Kids teacher
Y.J and N.P hold up their favorite foods. Y.J's favorite healthy food is carrots and N.P's is grapes. 
Look at all the delicious healthy foods there are! 
Some of J.S' favorite healthy foods!
H.L's favorite healthy food is a banana!
We have been practicing our turn and talk more and more each day! Today during reading workshop, we talked about the importance of looking at the cover before opening our books to read. Before we went off to do independent reading, we turned and talked with our partners about our noticings about the cover of a book. At home, you can do this with your child too-take some time before reading the book, to stop and look at the cover and ask your child for their noticings.
M.W and H.L before they began turn and talk
During math workshop, we continued talking about what same and different mean. We played another matching game with a partner using counters. Each child took turns creating and matching.
C.C and H.X
I.Z uses her finger and counts to make sure her counters match K.W
H.L watches as M.L creates the same thing
Y.Z and Y.J
With the extra time we had today, we were able to fit in more time for language through play! We also opened our dramatic play center!
S.C said that she's a chef! 
C.C said that her baby sister is sleeping! Shh! 
At the light table, A.P and D.G created a police station and police cars!
J.W along with M.D created a "kingdom castle"
H.L built this house and left a sign on it!
At the science center, Y.J and M.W wanted to get a closer look at the newts so they decided that the magnifying glasses would help them do this.
I.F built towers
Lastly, we have been reading in class this poem, "I am me!" We have been using the poem to work on pointing under the words, using pictures to help us find words and today, we worked on the word "I." As you can see in the video, it's highlighted, because the children found them during shared reading today! K.W really wanted to record this so during language through play time, I recorded her reading! The background noise is from our class in the midst of play!

Reminder--there is no school tomorrow, Wednesday, September 26th for Yom Kippur! See everyone on Thursday at 8:00am! :)