Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adding details

I can't believe it's been almost a month of school together. Everyday, I see more and more improvement and growth with the class. I am excited for all the things we'll be learning together. :) It's amazing to see how much of the classroom and school structures they have down now. During independent reading, we talked about taking picture walks-looking at the pictures, thinking about what's happening and what will happen. Today, I.F shared her thoughts during her picture walk with the class.

We continued our talk about similarities and differences during math workshop--
L.C says that the two monsters have different hats
K.W says that the balloons are different
In writing workshop, we have been talking about different ways we can make our writing better by adding more. We worked on adding details to the setting today so people looking at our writing will know where we are in the story. The children drew beautiful settings!
S.C said, "I am holding my grandpa's hand and my grandpa is holding my dad's hand. There is some rain coming."
A.Z said, "This is my apartment building. My brother and I go outside."
A.J said, "My friend and I are going to the park. We are playing."
G.L said, "The firetruck is saving the world. The good monsters help do good things. He can talk. The fire was on the house."
Y.J said, "I'm in the park and I'm playing"
We had language through music with Ms. Kim. Here she is doing a song and movement activity with our class!
The class with Ms. Kim
I took more photos and recording during our language through play time!
G.L created this "drink house"-"where I go to get water."
G.L also created this house
K.W mixes and pours "baby food"
I.Z dresses up as a mom
In the art center/studio, Y.Z chooses scrapbook paper and tissue paper and markers to create
In the classroom library, Y.C reads The Three Billy Goats Gruff
At the light table, A.M and A.P created airplanes
J.W creates artwork with wire
Here is his completed artwork. "The bees go to Halloween. The bees go to the ice cream slide. The people hear and step on them." He used the wire and packing paper from the beautiful junk basket to create the ice-cream slide.