Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guided discoveries

We have been doing a lot guided discoveries of materials in our classroom to become more familiar and to understand the appropriate way we can use them. I have noticed that the students are becoming more and more familiar with each other's names. When walking in the hallway, H.L stopped and said "M is the door monitor!"

Everyday, the students have a chance to read independently and we are building on more time and routines. Today, we added moving our chairs to be back to back so that they have more private space to read.
A.P and J.S reading independently
L.L and K.W reading independently 
For math workshop, we explored unifix cubes. We will be using unfix cubes often for math games and for counting and other assorted math activities. I noticed the class were using them in a variety of ways during exploration. Some compared their unifix cube towers with their neighbors, some counted the unifix cubes, some built things, etc. 
J.W creates a variety of buildings
G.L combines two unfix cube towers
L.C and J.S compare their two unfix cube towers. L.C said "I'm making a big one" 
I.Z counts how many cubes there are. She counted 27!
Y.J created the number 11 with the unifix cubes. 
S.C said "I'm making a tall building" 
S.C and M.W compared their buildings
For writing workshop, we learned about how to use pens (making sure the cap is on the top of the pen, making sure the cap goes back on the pen before returning it to the pen). 
M.W uses the pen to draw a story about her family
S.C also draws a story about her family
At the end of the day, we learned about our art center/art studio. We are slowly opening up centers for our language through play/project time. A lot of the materials in our art studio will be used for creating projects in the future. We ended the day by sharing our creations.
S.C shares her picture. She says "This is a fish. It is red, black and white. It is my best friend" She used oil pastels to combine the colors. 
Here she is using oil pastels to combine colors. 
J.W shares a story about his sister playing with a toy and how happy she was! 
Also, I have uploaded a letter I will be sending home tomorrow. It is translated into Chinese as well! Check it out here.