Saturday, September 29, 2012

More storytelling and more play!

I noticed that with more details in their pictures, the students have more to say and tell with their stories. I introduced the recorder today with a couple of students to have them record their stories and hear them back. They were excited to hear their voices through the recorder! With their recordings, I was also able to piece it together with their pictures--
Here is Y.J's story---
And C.C's story-- I can't wait to compare these with stories the children will tell by the end of the year! :) I was only able to record with two students today, but here are some stories the class worked on--
K.W said, "My sister is playing a phone. It's raining. The phone is wet. Run to the house and the flower is growing up."
H.L said, "It's morning. My mom go play and then me and my sister and my grandma see mom play." H also pointed out her, her sister and her grandmother looking through the windows in the house!
Fridays are our math game/centers day! This week, we learned the Building Towers game. This game works on 1:1 correspondence (making sure to point and count the dots on the die), creating a tower that corresponds with the number they rolled, and comparing the tower you built with the one your partner build (using vocabulary such as same, different, shorter, taller, etc.) and of course building on skills we've been working on in our classroom like taking turns, listening to our partners and sharing the materials.
Here, Y.C is telling K.W about her tower "My tower is smaller"
I.Z watches as N.P rolls the die
A.P uses his finger to count the dots on the die
Then he counts the unifix cubs in his tower to double check he created with the correct number
H.L counts the unfix cubes in her tower
I love language through play time! Here are photos from Friday's play session--
C.C and Y.C explore these dried natural items along with magnifying glasses
C.C said, "They look bigger"
Y.C created this design using dried flowers and wood chips
Meanwhile at the block center--
N.P built tall buildings
I.Z built houses
Using the notepads in the block center, she creates a sign
In the puppet theater--
A.J and S.C put on a puppet show
Ms. Rebecca joins in on the fun. I overheard some of the characters were getting married!
Reminder--our trip to the Queens County Farm is on October 11th. If you haven't already, please make sure to return both the permission slip and the money. Have a wonderful weekend! See everyone back in school on Monday! :)