Monday, September 10, 2012

Name study

We just started off our first full week of school and our third day of school! We had a super calming morning full of discovery and talk. As we are reviewing our routines, we are continually getting to know each other more. Our morning meeting is an important part of our day, because it starts our day off on a fun and positive note! Today, we learned about our attendance routine. Everyday as the students enter the class, they will find their name tag and stick it on our attendance chart. During the morning meeting, we will talk about how many people are in school today, how many are absent and other noticings that may appear. 
M.L adds his tag on to the attendance board
We are also beginning to talk more for our share time. This is the time during morning meeting for students to talk about things going on in their lives outside of school. 
I.F holds the share ball, ready to share
For word study today, we looked at our name chart. Students came up to find their names and to identify the first letters in their names. 
A.Z points out the first letter in his name
I.Z uses the pointer to identify the first letter in her name
Following this, the students took their name cards and pasted it on a paper and then drew self-portraits. Here are some student works---
The students also went to science today with Ms. Mark. 

Tomorrow, we will be going to Language through Movement with Mrs. Zarian! We will be learning about independent reading and introducing our first language through play center. We will be exploring some other mediums we will be using for future projects!