Friday, September 21, 2012

Photography in the classroom

I spent a lot of time taking photos throughout my year in PreK and I was thrilled to continue photography in the classroom this year. In the past, I've done self-portraits with the class-this year, I hung up the self-portraits along with a photo of each student and I've noticed much more interest with the bulletin board. They love seeing their faces on the walls! Today, I added birthday photos-children grouped up with others who had a birthday in the same month and each child held a card with the date of their birthday! 
Birthday month photography
I've tried to add a photo with everything in our classroom-they not only serve as a visual but a reminder for the students that it's their classroom.
Our daily schedule complete with photographs
A chart with our classroom signals
During language through play, we talked about our block area.
Viewing our block area
I received these little Home Depot notebooks filled with graph paper. Today, the students used it to mark their creations.
A.P writes his name
M.W and A.P
Meanwhile, in the science center---
A.M observes the terrarium
G.L draws the newts. He says they look like geckos.
During math workshop, we learned another math game-Teddy bear races! The children work on their 1:1 correspondence, counting, turn taking and working in partnerships with this game.
Y.C rolls the die
A.M counts the dots on the die
M.W watches J.Z during his turn
Here is a fun counting game children can play at home

Reminder-this upcoming Monday is Back to School Night from 5:30-6:30pm. Please meet in our classroom 302. We will be talking about our daily flow of the day, what we will be learning in kindergarten and some things you may do at home to support your child's learning. This upcoming Tuesday is also the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) meeting which will be starting at 5:00pm (the time has changed due to the Mets game). 
Have a fantastic and fun weekend!