Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Planning our play

Before, I share about our day, I wanted to share with everyone our classroom rules--
We worked together to simplify all our ideas for classroom rules. And then everyone signed our classroom rules as a pledge to follow them.

For our word study today, we started doing star of the day-everyday we will choose a student to be the star of the day. He/she will sit in the chair and be interviewed by the rest of the class. We also used a recording microphone as a prop! We will ask the following--
What is your name?
How old are you?
What do you like to eat?
What is your favorite color?
It's great practice for questioning and answering. Today, J.W was our star of the day!
K.W asks, "What is your name?"
Y.J asks, "What do you like to eat?" J.W says, "I like to eat oranges"
During math workshop, we continued with our guided discovery of math manipulatives. Today, we explored counters, tiles and 3D shapes.
N.P and J.W working together with 3D shapes
J.S and A.P worked together to make a castle. In Chinese, A.P says "We have to make it big!"
I.F counting counters
A.M created a city with the tiles
Today, we introduced our play dough center. Play dough is a great means for creating. Before we went off to work with the play dough, we took some time to think about what we wanted to create. This planning before our play will be integral for us as we add on more centers and begin creating projects. It's great to have some quiet time to mediate before we set off on a project or begin working with a material.
Prior to starting, I jotted down some of their ideas/plans. A.Z and K.W said they wanted to use the play dough to create a flower. A.J and A.M said they would create snowmen. S.C wanted to make a pizza. D.G wanted to make a fire truck and H.L wanted to make a castle. L.L wanted to make a triangle.
Here, S.C followed through with her plan to create a pizza. She said she wanted to add sprinkles. 
D.G begins to make his fire truck. With his hands, he rolled the play dough to make 3D wheels. 
L.L rolled the play dough to create a variety of balls. Originally, he planned to make a triangle but he changed his plans and began to create balls. 
Tomorrow, we will be working on personalizing our writing folders! See everyone tomorrow! :)
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