Monday, September 24, 2012


Thank you to all the families that came to Back to School Night tonight! It was wonderful to meet families and siblings. Special thanks to M.W's dad for translating for me! :) If you missed it tonight, I will be sending home all the information I went over in each child's blue folders. Tomorrow night is the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meeting. Please come to ensure your voice is heard in our school community!

Today during math workshop, we learned the vocabulary words same and different and discussed things that are the same and different. We played matching games to reinforce the concepts. At our tables, each student drew and their partner had to draw the same thing in the matching box!
C.C and H.X worked on this together
I.Z draws to match N.P's pictures
D.G works on creating the same image as I.F
J.S and A.P worked on this together. J.S drew a short and tall person and then A.P drew the same thing-a short and tall person
S.C and J.W worked on this together. S.C drew the three circles and the circle and triangle and J.W matched by drawing the same thing!

I read this blog post today from StrongStart about the importance of play for adults too! My goal tomorrow is to play more with the class! :)

Reminder, there is no school on Wednesday for Yom Kippur. Tomorrow, we will be starting the day at 8:00a.m! Make sure to arrive promptly! :)