Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spiderweb greeting

This morning, we tried out a more complex greeting--we created a spider web with yarn and passing out the yarn while saying good morning to each other. It was really fun for everyone to watch the spider web progress and get bigger and more complicated.
I.F rolls the yarn to say good morning
The beginning of our spider web
Getting bigger
When we were done, we lifted the spider web to get a different view
For math workshop, we discussed months and shared our birthdays. We graphed birthdays, counted up the results and talked about which months had the most and least birthdays.
C.C counts up how many birthdays there are in March
H.X counted 2 birthdays in May
The completed birthday chart
We discovered that we had the most birthday in September! In fact, J.Z's birthday is tomorrow!!

We also opened up our puppet theater today! :)