Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turn and talk and Pattern block puzzles

Welcome back to school everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend! I was so happy to see the children again and super proud of everyone for remembering the routines we've learned. Today, for our morning greeting-we did a ball bounce with a good morning. The students are taking their own initiative in asking others "What's your name?" when they don't recall a friends' name.
J.Z catches the ball
M.L catches the ball
Y.Z says good morning to A.Z
Today, we learned about turning and talking. This is something we will be doing throughout the school year and provides more opportunities for students to talk. Lately, I've been feeling that I've been talking a lot albeit-it is early on in the year and we are learning routines and structures, I do want the children to talk more and share their thoughts.
Today, we worked on turning and talking with a whispering voice to our partners.
J.S and I.F talking during turn and talk
J.Z and Y.C talking
In math workshop, we learned a math game with manipulatives we've worked with-pattern block puzzles! 
Y.J uses pattern blocks to create the snail in the puzzle
H.L adds squares to make the butterfly
Y.Z adds the hexagon to the body of the giraffe
In writing workshop, we talked about things we love to write about. I shared with the class, how I love to write about my dog and my little sister! We, then, did a turn and talk to share what we love to write about. Many children said they love to write about home and their families-some mentioned animals and shapes too!
I.F loves to write about ducks and triangles
J.W loves to write about his little sister reading books
A.Z loves to write about fishes and shapes
We, also, started doing language through play in various centers. The students got to share out what they planned to do in the center they chose, before heading off. In the play dough center, children planned to create snowmen and pizzas while in the math center, they planned on creating castles. At the light table, D.G and M.W wanted to build firetrucks and police cars. We also introduced science center!
Here, some children explore natural items
Y.Z sorts some dried flowers
L.C and M.I used clipboards to draw observations of the fish

The whole class during language through play
The castle that was created from 3D shapes in the math center