Saturday, October 27, 2012

Acting in Kindergarten!

We have been working on signs each day and we're continuing our talk about how signs help people. Lately, we've been talking about creating signs to help each other in the classroom. After hanging up some signs up, many of the students want to create more signs we could use in the classroom.
A.Z created a sign that says "Don't run" and "walk"
H.L created a sign to remind others to pack up at the closet. She wrote, "You go to the closet."
K.W created a sign for others not to touch my personal things. She wrote, "Don't touch Ms. Esther's things."
S.C created a "Go" sign. She wrote, "Go right"
G.L wanted to create a sign to remind people to flip the Go/Stop sign
I mentioned the rekenrek in the last blog post, which is a tool we use as part of the math in the city curriculum we have been using. The rekenrek provides an excellent visual for children to see in 5s. Our attendance chart mimics this visual with rows of 5. We use the attendance chart everyday and look at it daily to count whose in school. In the morning, every child moves their own individual circle. They can place it anywhere they please, but later on we talk as a group how we can move some circles around to make it easier for counting.
A.Z moves some circles around
A.M moves some circles around

Every class I've had over the years always has a unique personality and dynamic as a group and this year, I've definitely noticed the class is very high-energy and outgoing! It's been wonderful to utilize that through acting and dramatic arts! The class has loved using the puppets to act out our favorite stories. We worked on creating mini stick puppets to support our storytelling and on Friday, we worked with our table groups to tell a story with the little stick puppets.
J.S and A.P are acting like the middle sized bear and the great big bear
Y.C, Y.J and Y.Z acting like the three bears
Later on, as a whole class, we split into groups and each group acted like a character from The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Below are some video clips--

This is the part when the youngest/tiniest billy goat gruff crosses the bridge.
This part is when the second/middle sized billy goat gruff has crossed the bridge.
Here is the third/biggest billy goat gruff. We've actually read two versions of the story and while some students referred to one version, others referred to another version.

The class got very involved in it and when it came to the part when the troll fell over the bridge and into the rushing river, the children acting like the troll "fell over."

I really enjoyed watching the class participate in acting out the story together. Even though there was a lot of us, each child understood their role and was invested in their character! It was fun and helped our class build on our team working skills and cooperative play!