Friday, October 12, 2012

K-302 goes to the Farm

Sorry for not posting the last two days. I attended a professional development meeting on Wednesday and learned lots of new strategies to use for math! On Thursday, we went on our field trip to the Queens County Farm. Special thanks to A.M's mom, A.P's grandma, C.C's mom and M.W's mom for coming with us! It was a beautiful day to be outside! M.W's mom took lots of photos from our trip-thank you so much!!! Our class was incredibly excited and marveled at everything we passed. 
There were scarecrows all over the farm! 
Looking at the goat
Another view of the goat
What a happy goat!
The sheep loves to eat pumpkins!
On the hay ride
During the hay ride, the class started cheering for Garry or possibly Gary-who drove the tractor that tugged the wagon we were all on. 
Piggies! I love pigs! :) Shannon, our tour guide told us that pigs are smart animals and can learn just the way dogs do!
At the pumpkin patch
The children got to go around the pumpkin patch and find one for them to take home
S.C and K.W 
L.C with her pumpkin
M.L with two pumpkins--which will he choose!
J.Z holds his pumpkin
We found out that bees love applesauce! 
I was super tired at the end of the trip, but it was fantastic for the class to get to experience a new environment, see new things, and talk about new things. While we were pumpkin picking, N.GP and Y.J were comparing their pumpkins. Y.J mentioned that his pumpkin was bigger than N.P's pumpkin.
During lunch, some bees came by and the children started talking about what bees like and when bees sting. It was also during lunch that we discovered that bees like apple sauce! The farm was a wonderful fall trip. If you're interested in going pumpkin picking as a family and looking for a fun outdoors event this weekend-the Queens Botanical Garden is having a Harvest Fest and Pumpkin Patch this Sunday from 11am-6pm. Click the link for more info! Our next field trip will be to the Transit Museum in November!

We have been working on adding to our literacy centers. During the day when Ms. Darrell and Ms. Rebecca come in, we're able to work in small groups.
Ms. Darrell working with Y.J and H.L
At the storytelling center, A.Z, C.C and M.W tell the story for The Three Bears with puppets
S.C and I.Z at the listening center-listening to Caps for Sale
As we are nearing the end of our publishing process, we started work on the covers for our stories. Next week, we will have a publishing celebration and share our stories with a partner!

Every Friday, we do math centers/games!
J.S works with the pattern block template
H.L working on a pattern block puzzle
N.P working on a geoboard
M.D's pattern block puzzle