Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Learning about school

In Social Studies, we talked about all the things we do in school! Here is a list of what the students said we all do in school:
-do centers
-play in the playground
-eat lunch
-clean up
-read a book

And here are some drawings that depict our school and some things we do--
L.C "I go to the school. I play"
J.Z "I go to the school and my mommy and my daddy go to the school."
M.W "I (am) in the school and play with my friends"
C.C "I make school. I was writing and then we go downstairs to eat. THen we come up."
A.J "Ms. Esther playing" 
G.L "I am sleeping in the car to school" (If you look closely, you'll see the ZZZ's to show he's sleeping!)
A.M "I find friends in the playground"
K.W "Ms. Esther takes a book."
This morning, M.W shared that she saw H.X at the playground the day before. She said she was also playing with her scooter. Y.J asked "Did you share your scooter?" and H.L asked "What did you play?" M.W responded that she did share her scooter and that she played with H.X. 

Every morning, we read our news and announcements for the day. Occasionally, we will use our morning message to find letters and/or words. Today, we worked on finding capital letters!
Y.J circles the capital T
C.C circles the capital in Tuesday
During language through play, the children in the science center explored kaleidoscopes. 
I.Z "So pretty!"
J.Z and A.M places beads on buildings at the block center
K.W used scrapbook paper and packaging materials to create 3D depictions of her and A.Z's houses