Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Math Congress, Big Books and Play!

As a class, we're working on being able to work on problem solving in teams-it opens up avenues for talk and reflection. In math, we have been working building a strong foundation on the number and amount of 5. Today, I introduced working in groups to work on showing 5 with a math congress. Using large chart paper, I encouraged them to work together to show 5 in different ways. At the end of our group work, we posted all the charts around our rug to discuss our noticings and talk about what we did. It was refreshing to have the children show their thinking in a different way and it was really wonderful to see their thinking posted around our rug. We will continue to work on developing our math congress. I noticed today that some children still wanted to work alone, some worked in pairs and some worked alone but talked with their group about what they were doing. 
H.X shows 5
The yellow triangle working on showing 5 
K.W and I.Z worked together 
I.F worked with D.G to show 5
Another view of the yellow triangle table
M.D and A.M working together
C.C worked alone
Some of the charts the students worked on hung up 
The other two charts 
M.W points out that there are 5 squares
L.C points out that there is more than 5 
During writing, I noticed that a couple of students began to write sentences and/or labeling!
I.Z's writing
S.C's writing
And more sharing--
Y.C sharing her writing with N.P
A.J shares her writing with A.Z
J.S shares her story with A.P
I introduced another literacy center today-the big book center. Similar to partner reading, students read with a partner-using a big book and a pointer to point to the pictures they are talking about and for some students to point to the words they are reading.
S.C and L.C partner reading a big book.
A.M uses the pointer to point to the picture that he's talking about.
During language through play---
C.C drew the newts at the science center
H.X's observational drawing of the newts
At the block center, A.M, N.P and J.Z built this to house their gold. They pretended the glass beads were the gold.
N.P places more "gold" into the building
The building started to leak "gold" so A.M, N.P and J.Z tried to figure out how to better house the gold and keep it safe.