Thursday, October 4, 2012

Partner Reading Recording

I have been using a microphone recorder to record some of the wonderful partner reading going on in our classroom! It's great to have the recording played back for the rest of the class to hear! Below is a recording of G.L and Y.C partner reading Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed-
I hope to be able to make it around to all the pairs to record their readings :)

We started learning about literacy centers today, starting with alphabet magnets. Using the alphabet magnets, children can explore letters and words. Many created their names!
I.Z makes her name with the magnets
S.C makes both her first and last name
C.C made her name and her brother's name Brian!
During word study today, we created name puzzles using post its. On each post it, the children wrote the letters in their name, they mixed them up and put them back together!
I.F puts together her name
A.P mixes up the letters in his name
I noticed H.L was doing something interesting when working with her name puzzle. She used her name card to check that her name was correct!

During language through play today---

Ms. Rebecca joined our class for play today! Here she is at the science center exploring bugs with K.W

A.Z, J.S and Y.J created a city with roads. They left up their buildings today and placed stop signs on their work!
A panoramic photo of our classroom during play!