Monday, October 1, 2012

Partner reading

Everyday the children have independent reading time and each day we build more structure and time into our routine. Today, we started partner reading! During partner reading, pairs sit shoulder to shoulder, place the book in the middle and work on taking turns reading/talking about the book and turning the page. It adds a different dynamic to reading!
M.W and J.Z partner reading 
Y.C turns the page for both her and G.L
N.P and L.C reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff together-they even changed their voices together  while reading
M.D pointing at the pictures as he and A.M partner read Where the Wild Things Are
Some of the pairs partner reading
During math workshop, we continued talking about things that are the same and different. Using unifix cubes, the children worked in pairs to create matching towers to demonstrate same.
Y.J and Y.Z
N.P and I.Z compare the towers
This week, I wanted to focus more on capturing student conversations and talk. During our morning meeting share, I.Z shared about seeing a "flashing something" last night. This simple story generated a lot of questioning and talk. C.C asked her what she thought it was. I.Z responded "a light in the house." Then I.F asked, "What did it look like?" I.Z said, "a rainbow" and it sounded like "a mouse." Many of the children wanted to know what it was. We must have spent about 5-10 minutes questioning and thinking about this "flashing something." It was wonderful! :)