Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rekenreks and Signs

What is a rekenrek? It's a tool we're using in our classroom during math workshop to help us understand illustrate numbers! It's a great visual for children to understand quantity. We have a big one in our room and we've been working with the smaller student ones! The rekenrek visual also correlates with our growing number line, our ten frames and our attendance chart. The students have been mastering the quantity of 5!
J.S and A.M working on the rekenrek to show 5
G.L and M.L demonstrate 5
A.J and C.C work on the big rekenrack and show 5 with the combination of 2 and 3
K.W and I.Z work on showing 5
After exploring a variety of writing in our world, the children went off to create their own writing in the world. We also talked about how signs tell us important information and help people!
C.C created a sign to remind our class to move their names on the attendance chart and to answer the morning meeting question. She said, "People forget to move their names in the morning" Her sign says, "Everyday you have to write a question" and "Everyday you have to move your picture." 
We hung up the sign next to our attendance chart so everyone will remember to move their names and to respond to the morning message question.
G.L's sign says, "Keep building" to tell people at the block center to keep building!
We hung up G.L's sign in the block center!
During language through play, Ms. Cruse stopped by and mentioned doing an activity involving stones/rocks in her class. A little while later, I noticed I.F in the science center taking out the container of rocks to explore. My conversation with Ms. Cruse made me think about how I could add another dimension to I.F's exploration with the rocks, so I gave her a frame.
She said, "The rocks are moving in the river."
It'll be interesting to see what other kinds of imaginative play will develop from the frame and rocks!
At the block center, A.Z and G.L called each other to go have coffee!
A.M build this airplane at the light table
J.Z created marshmallows!