Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sorting and Dumplings

In math workshop today, we talked about different ways we can sort. In a circle, we played a sorting game. Everyone got an attribute block and together, we each got a turn to sort our shape. The children sorted the attribute blocks by color first. We also practiced identifying shapes, sizes and colors. When it was each child's turn, they each described their shape to the group.
J.Z places his shape with the other blue shapes
S.C places her shape with the other yellow shapes
L.C places her shape with the other red shapes
The shapes sorted by size
At their tables, the children worked in pairs to sort a baggie of shapes.
Y.Z and Y.J sorted by color
L.C and I.Z sorted by color
J.Z and M.W sorted by color
C.C and H.X sorted by size
During language through play...
The airport
In the block center, M.D, G.L and D.G created an airport. G.L said they used the beads for the lights in the airport.
The gas station and a car
At the light table, J.Z said he was filling his car at the gas station they created.
Trying on their newly made crowns!
 C.C, I.Z and K.W used paper, color pencils, glue sticks and pattern-edged scissors to create these crowns. Then, they helped H.X to make a crown, too!

I walked over to the play dough center and I saw something very familiar! Y.C was creating dumplings! She had rows of little dumplings created! I asked her what she was making and she told me, "My mommy makes this at home." I asked her to show me how to make one because I love dumplings!
Y.C folded little dumplings
Some of her completed dumplings
First, Y.C flattens out the dough
Second, she placed a little ball into the flat dough
Next, she folded the dough in half to seal the dumpling
Here is one of her completed dumplings!
I shared with her how my mom taught me how to make dumplings too and how she showed me how to crinkle the edge. I shared this with Y.C.
Our dumplings with the crimping
Y.C tries crimping the dumpling
Learning how Y.C makes dumplings and showing her how I make them was a wonderful highlight from today! Play is a wonderful way to connect with others :)

At science today with Ms. Mark, the class got to go outside to observe trees!
Ms. Mark with the children
They used clipboards to draw their noticings
Getting an up close view of the tree
J.Z shares his noticings