Monday, October 15, 2012

Storytelling with puppets

We had a super busy Monday today! As we are winding down our first writing unit, we are continuing with sharing our writing with a partner and in groups. Similar to partner reading, pairs of students share their writing with a partner. Today, we worked on giving a compliment to our partner's writing and giving a suggestion on what they can work on.
I.Z shares her story with G.L
Y.C shares her story with N.P
L.C shares her story with S.C
M.W listens to J.Z sharing his writing
I.Z and G.L did a wonderful job taking turns, listening to each other, giving compliments and constructive suggestions so they shared with the class how they shared their writing and we had a fishbowl to discuss what we noticed about their partnership!
Tomorrow, we will continue working on sharing our writing with our partners! We also changed our bulletin board with our published pieces--
I was able to record another partner reading session today. D.G and I.F read Bunny Cakes together.

We have been using puppets to support the storytelling in our classroom! The kids love using them to act out the parts of the characters! Today we had a puppet show for The Three Billy Goats and A.Z took photos for us! 
The three billy goats
The first billy goat gruff crosses the bridge 
The second billy goat gruff crosses the bridge
The second time around, I acted out the troll! 
K.W and N.P as the first and second billy goat gruff
K.W as the first billy goat gruff
A.Z took wonderful photos with the digital camera! It would be great to see how other students take photos.