Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Writing in our neighborhood

Our class has looked at writing in our classroom, writing in our school and today we looked for writing in our neighborhood. We took a short writing walk just outside the school to see what kinds of writing we could find. Equipped with their handy clipboards and pens, the children set off to look for different kinds of writing. Big thank you to M.W's mom for accompanying us and taking photos!!
I'm pointing out a sign to the class!
H.L looks at a sign and writes down what she sees
I.F shares her discoveries!
We looked across the street and saw more writing!
This street sign sparked some conversation. Many children knew the street names because they live on it and we talked about how our school is on Franklin Ave. Street signs are important because they tell us where we are!
We saw this bus sign! 
I.Z has many kinds of writing on her clipboard
A close-up of I.Z's clipboard
D.G recorded the street signs we saw
The students looking for signs
G.L writes down the writing from the bus sign
Some of C.C's observations
We saw this sign on the tree. A.Z said he thinks this sign is for the squirrels and says to not eat the leaves!
When we came back to the classroom, we shared out what we saw on our writing walk
The class had many thoughts to share!
Tomorrow, we will begin making our own signs! It'll be exciting to see what everyone comes up with! 

During FAN4Kids today, Ms. Tara introduced some healthy foods to the students. It's really important to start eating healthy at a young age! I stopped by to see what they were trying today! 
S.C and L.L with their healthy foods
M.W shows me her food tasting plate-there's broccoli, raisins and wheat cereal!
During language through play...
At the play dough center, K.W, Y.Z and I.F pretended to be like the characters in the story of the gingerbread man and baked some cookies. 
Here is the tray of cookies!
K.W said, "This is the gingerbread man. He's going to run away." And over at another table, someone else said "The wolf eats the gingerbread man!"

At the classroom library, S.C reads a book and C.C reads our class book.
In the block center, Y.C builds a house and A.Z builds a garage. 
Y.C builds a wall for her house
Her house
The garage
A.Z places cars in the garage
A.Z also labels the garage
In other news, we got our first postcards! As we are studying writing in the world, we started a postcard project, where we get postcards from all over the world. We got two from Hawaii! We learned that Aloha means hello and goodbye and that the hula is a way to tell stories! 
Passing around the postcard
S.C looks at the photo on the postcard
The postcards were beautiful! I'll have to make sure to take a photo of them and put them on the blog! Special thanks to Vivian for sending them to our class! :)