Monday, October 22, 2012

Writing in our school

We are continuing our exploration of different kinds of writing in our world. Today, we ventured out of our classroom to see what other kinds of writing we could find! We used clipboards and pens to record our findings!
The class records the writing they found in the hallway
Here are some examples of the writing we found in our school--
Many students noticed several exit signs!
We also found some student created writing!
This sign created a lot of discussion. A.J said that the boy walking down the stairs looks happy and the one jumping looks sad. A.M said the red circle says we can't do that. 
A.Z's clipboard-he's writing the sprinkler control valve sign near the janitor's closet!
S.C wrote some of the signs she saw--the bottom one is from Ms. Kleva's 2nd grade class' bulletin board!
Y.C captured the exit sign and the stair A sign along with the door--this tells us where the signs are!
Y.C wrote the words on the writing he saw-he noticed the nurse's room sign and the elevator sign!
Tomorrow, we will be heading outside the school-around the block for even more writing!

I absolutely love music in the classroom! Every time Ms. Kim comes in for music with our class, I find myself singing or humming along! Ms. Kim has been working with the class on different ways to make music. The class has been working with egg shakers and using them to learn about beat and rhythm. Here is a video clip of the class working with the egg shakers--